Non-Fungible Visualizations

Data Visualization 3.0 NFT + Data + Visuals Blockchain Native Art

the clock
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Visualize Data


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFV) are a new form of art, unlocking how the stories of our data are told.

NFVs: (Truly) Get the Picture.

NFVs provide a new, dynamic canvas to tell story of data. Discover which visualizations are truly worth 1000 words to you.


Passion & Creativity: new medium, new technique, new & powerful ways of expression 

Multidisciplinarity: holistic approach combining various disciplines and methodologies

Innovation & Change: laboratory of a novel movement

The First NFV

The Epoch Clock

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About Non-Fungible Visualizations

An NFV is a new genre of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) NFVs contain three Layers: - Data Layer: A dynamic data source - NFT Layer: Digital Asset storing & connecting Data + Visuals - Visualization: Artist's digital representation of data layer Non-Fungible Tokens (NFV) enable a new form of art, unlocking how the stories of our data are told. It's Data Visualization 3.0

NFVs are new way of expressing data, using a cross-disciplinary approach. It catalyzes artists and data providers to work together, creating a new market for both groups. Most importantly, NFV owners choose (and own) how they "see" their data.

The first example of an NFV is the Epoch Clock. The Epoch Clock is a fully on-chain time piece, showing its owner the time until the end of an Epoch (every 5 days)

The programmable.ART Guild is open to any artist, data junkie, NFT enthusiast, or creative person excited to tell the story of our most important datasets in a new way. You'll be able to access resources and other pART Guild Members creating NFVs. Details about the pART Guild will come soon. In the meantime, please register your email below to receive updates.

NFVs launched on the Cardano Blockchain in December 2021. We're exploring other blockchains, including interoperability between Cardano and EVM-based chains.